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Koobi Kit products will make it easier for chefs and culinary students to maneuver in a professional restaurant
or catering setting. Born out of necessity for efficiency, accessibility and ease of use. Our knife bag products
are uniquely designed for cooks by cooks.

Life in a busy restaurant is a daily challenge, cooks in general look to create efficiencies within their area
of responsibility. At Koobi Kit, we apply this core principle when creating our user-friendly products.
Fellow cooks will understand and appreciate the need for a cutlery tool bag that will meet all functional
requirements both in and out of a kitchen.
Our company name is derived from an archeological site in Kenya, Africa (Koobi Fora) where the bones
of man's earliest ancestors have been found. Among the fossils were stone tools indicating the first
use of food cutting and cooking utensils. The name of our company is derived from this important
milestone in the culinary evolution of man.
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